May 9, 2023


The ad highlights the critical marriage between natural gas and renewables, including wind and solar. 

(Washington, DC) – Natural Allies for a Clean Energy Future today announced that a new 30-second ad titled, “Match Made in Heaven” will run in the Washington, DC and Harrisburg, PA television markets throughout May and June. It will also appear across digital platforms. 

“We are at a critical juncture in the transition to a clean energy future, and we are urging leaders on both sides of the aisle to recognize the powerful union between natural gas and renewables. Natural gas provides the foundation to help expand renewables to decarbonize our grid without sacrificing reliability, affordability, or our energy security – all while achieving our climate goals faster,” said Congressman Tim Ryan. “The ad brings this partnership to life in a way that all viewers can appreciate.” 

“We hope this characterization of the relationship between renewables and natural gas will draw attention to the critical long-term partnership that is needed between natural gas and renewable energy like wind and solar. Renewables can’t do it alone, we’re running out of time to meet our global climate goals, and natural gas displacing coal has proven to be a successful carbon reduction strategy that can be deployed around the world,” said Senator Mary Landrieu. “As Democrats we want to reinforce that America can be pro-renewables, pro-natural gas, and pro-climate all at the same time.”

A recent study released by the Energy Futures Initiative, led by former Obama Administration Energy Secretary Ernie Moniz, found U.S. natural gas can be the key solution in a low-carbon future. Leaders in the renewable energy industry,  along with the Biden administration, recently acknowledged the importance of natural gas and its infrastructure as part of the clean energy transition, in working with renewables, developing technologies like carbon capture, and investing in fuels of the future like hydrogen. Natural Allies will continue to support and elevate the natural gas partnership needed to achieve a clean energy future. 


We are gathered here today to celebrate the joining of two energy sources  

— Natural Gas and Renewables. 

Working together, they will lower emissions faster, reliably, and affordably for generations to come. 

Do you, Renewables, take Natural Gas to be your reliable energy partner?  

I do. 

Do you, Natural Gas, take Renewables to be your clean energy partner?  

I do. 

Natural Gas and Renewables, a match made in heaven… 

to save planet Earth. 

Paid for by Natural Allies Inc. 


About Natural Allies for a Clean Energy Future 

Natural Allies is a 501c4 not for profit organization that seeks to better inform the public and policy makers about why natural gas is best partnered with renewable power sources to accelerate our clean energy goals. Among the industry leaders supporting Natural Allies for a Clean Energy Future are: The Williams Companies, Kinder Morgan, TC Energy, EQT, National Fuel Gas, Enbridge Inc., Quanta Services, Inc., the United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, International Union of Operating Engineers, Pipe Line Contractors Association, American Pipeline Contractors Association, Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA) and the INGAA Foundation. To learn more visit: