Partnering renewables with natural gas secures our clean energy future

Natural gas is proven to help reach climate goals faster, and provides reliable, affordable energy for the next generation.

About Natural Allies

Natural Allies is a coalition of interested stakeholders that recognize the vital role natural gas and its infrastructure must play in the energy mix. Natural gas partnered with renewable energy can accelerate our path to a clean energy future – ensuring affordability and reliability while reducing carbon emissions domestically and internationally.

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Congressional Black Caucus Chair Rep. Steve Horsford

“… [China’s] adding some 200-plus gigawatts of coal over the last five years, and now another 200 or so coming online in the planning stage, if it went to fruition would actually undo the ability of the rest of the world to achieve a limit of 1.5 degrees.”

Photo of Hon. John Kerry
Hon. John Kerry Biden Administration Special Presidential Envoy for Climate
| September 1, 2021

“… natural gas is so central to the whole energy platform … [and should be] viewed as a multi-decadal, critical component of the energy transition.”

Photo of Sec. Ernest Moniz, PhD
Sec. Ernest Moniz, PhD Obama Administration U.S. Energy Secretary
| February 15, 2023

“expanding U.S. liquefied natural gas exports can lower global greenhouse gas emissions significantly.”

Photo of Paul Bledsoe
Paul Bledsoe Progressive Policy Institute Advisor and Former Clinton Administration Climate Task Force Advisor
| February 10, 2023

The Value of Natural Gas