June 29, 2022

Former Democratic U.S. Senators Comment on G-7 Nations Endorsement of Natural Gas 

Former U.S. Senators Mary Landrieu (D-LA) and Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND), Co-Chairs of the Natural Allies for a Clean Energy Future Leadership Councilreleased the following joint statement after the Group of Seven nations (G-7) announced its unified support today for investments in natural gas:  

“Today’s endorsement by the G-7 nations regarding the continued importance of natural gas is a wake-up call for America’s political leaders that natural gas is a partner, not an adversary, in a clean, secure and affordable energy future. The G-7 nations include global leaders in renewable energy investment and deployment, who are simultaneously seeing emissions increase without available natural gas. That hampers our global efforts to fight climate change. Germany, for example, announced last week it was restarting closed coal plants to ensure its citizens had access to stable energy.” 

“Greater investment in America’s natural gas infrastructure is necessary to move affordable energy both domestically and abroad, to secure our European allies as they seek to break free of Russian energy sources while reducing carbon emissions globally. We are also encouraged that the G-7 endorsement acknowledges the value of our existing safe pipeline infrastructure and how it can be repurposed in the future to transport low and zero-carbon fuels like green hydrogen.”